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Das Tamburin (English)

The Tambourine (Seligenstädt on 31.03.1985) - trial translation from German
I take it in my hand
The other helps.
A modest thing.
There is a frame, so round,
And there is the coat
It wants to be beaten.
I take it in my hand
And beat with fingers on it.
Duff, teng, tak, duff!
And the miracle happens.
The oh-so-inconspicuous
And non mystrerious thing
Starts to speak!
(Not everyone understands!)
What does this mystic thing say
Right into my face?
It tells of life,
It tells of love.
How nice it would be,
And may long remain.
So take it
To play on it.
And then you will feel it:
It has a sense -
The life!

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