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Der Brief (English)
The Letter (Seligenstädt on 30.03.1985) - trial translation from German
I want to write it,
But how I shall start?
I write about the weather
Or about studies?
Shall I tell you
How it made me?
It is a problem,
That has to be solved.

But I'll dare,
To say to you
What's in my heart.
If you read it
Then you are in the picture.
Then you know of me,
What nobody else knows.
Thus, keep it in silence,
if you were ask.
So I can very quietly
And freely, without shyness,
betray much to you,
what's on my mind today
Day in, day out

Thus the letter becomes longer
And is no more pain.
To write it to you
Yes, it should be!
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