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Mädchen in der Küche (English)
A Girl in the Kitchen (Seligenstädt on 14.04.1985) - trial translation from German

I sit at the table
Of the row of soldiers,
It's crowded, as always.
I see simply
And by chance.
What do see my
Still sleepy eyes?

A girl they see,
A girl in white,
The white is not like,
As if she is preparing
For wedding.

No! It is something quite simple,
A simple white,
The white of a cook,
She works with diligence.
I look at her,
I look there.

But all this is useless
Did not have me in her mind.
What shall be
In such a short time
And so far
From the table to the counter?

The time passes away,
There's nothing that happens.
It was like a dream,
I risked.
But now it's over
This dream,
She just turns
And only cares
What is one metre
Before her place.
There is no nagging
And hurry and fast
The food is distributed.
My view on their remains.
She doesn't recognize me.

Then: "Company!"
And the dream is over
And on goes the light.
(What a pity, isn't it?)
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